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Jack Burmeister

Sound Designer

Jack Burmeister is a composer who is passionate about finding synergy between his work and other forms of media, believing that music should work to heighten the viewer’s overall experience.

Jack uses elements of orchestral, acoustic, electronic, and choral textures to create diverse sonic soundscapes to enhance the atmosphere and mood in any given work. Melody is a key musical characteristic that Jack explores; working to build and enhance melodic devices over the duration of a piece.

Jack’s previous works include composing music and sound design for Mongrel (2021) at The Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), sound designer for VCA's GABAN (2021), and sound designer for Kool Aid and Wine (2022).

His work has been featured in the Grainger Museum’s exhibition of Fabric Culture (2019) and his work has been installed in the Alfred Hospital’s COVID-19 vaccination centres. Jack was the sound designer and composer for The Theatre of Others 2021 Radio Play Festival and designed Thief, Galatea, and Tales from the Arcadia (2021).

Jack Burmeister
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